Electrical Cabinets – Design, Assembling and Engineering

Electrical Cabinets – Design, Assembling and Engineering Electroinvent Ltd. offers custom made design, production and assembling of electrical cabinets intended for industry. Fields of application of the electrical cabinets: Energetics Machine building Food processing industry Automation Communications


Smart String Box – Active

Smart String Box – Active The IDS String boxes are high quality products used to merge the electrical energy of single PV module strings and also used to disconnect the DC lines from the inverter. SOLO String Boxes can be connected in parallel to feed one tracker input of any inverter Up to 25 Strings Up to […]


Smart String Box – Passive

Smart String Box – Passive This high-quality ELECTROINVENT photovoltaic string box is intended to connect up to 30 PV module strings (depending on the type). The box is also used to disconnect the DC from the inverter. The Smart String Box (SSB) measures the current of each string and sends data to the inverter. This feature is essential […]


Solo Family

Solo Family  The SOLO Family photovoltaic inverters series with liquid cooling is used in grid connected photovoltaic applications. To minimize power loss during the conversion process, the SOLO inverter’s switching technology uses IGBTs. To optimize total efficiency, the SOLO Family inverters have a MPPT (maximum power point tracker) input. Solo Family technology is approved in many years of […]


Solar Power Control Systems

Solar Power Control Systems  Solar Power Control System (SPCS) cabinets are designed to supply three phase induction motors in solar pumping systems. These cabinets are supplied from a PV array The SPCS cabinet is for outdoor installation. After installation the cabinet could work in automatic mode and there is no need of additional adjustments. The […]