Solo Family

 The SOLO Family photovoltaic inverters series with liquid cooling is used in grid connected photovoltaic applications. To minimize power loss during the conversion process, the SOLO inverter’s switching technology uses IGBTs. To optimize total efficiency, the SOLO Family inverters have a MPPT (maximum power point tracker) input. Solo Family technology is approved in many years of grid feed-in applications especially in regions with a weak grid. All components and control algorithms have proven high efficiency and stability under demanding conditions. The SOLO Family inverters are delivered fully parameterized and ready for use.


  • Night time standby without power loss
  • Low AC- noise (white noise) due to wide-band pulse width modulation
  • Highly reliable due to advanced control strategies
  • Monitoring and diagnostics on colour touch screen and via internet (Solo web portal –
  • Integrated data logger collects all important operation data
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Three separate switch-able PV Inputs
  • Automatic start up and shut down