Power converters produced and assembled under customer documentation

Electroinvent Ltd has an autonomous production department for assembling of electrical cabinets and system automation. The department has a high qualified team of engineers, who develop and design the pointed customer projects in order these projects to be realized. The engineering team is using a specialized software for design of electrical cabinets – EPLAN.

What we offer:

The company assembles and tests electrical cabinets under outside customer orders. The produced el. cabinets cover all requirements and standards of safety for electrical equipment. Electroinvent also executes projects under provided customer documentation.

The company has the possibility to assemble electrical cabinets with materials provided by the customer as well as to offer to its customers fully servicing including the following activities:

  • Preparing of technical documentation
  • Order and delivery of materials
  • Assembling with materials provided by Electroinvent 100% final visual control
  • Functional test
  • Assembling and installation on side