General Details

SOLO 500

This high-quality photovoltaic SOLO 500 inverter is intended for feeding photovoltaic energy into the public grid with a very high efficiency. Through the liquid cooling of the inverter heat is taken out efficiently from the operating room.
The SOLO 500 photovoltaic inverter series with liquid cooling is used in grid connected photovoltaic applications.

Techical Info
Type / Model SOLO 500 / ISC-33-114
Grid Data
Nominal AC power (P AC )500 kW
Maximum AC power550 kWAt ambient temperature T amb < 45 °C
AC operating voltage (U AC )330 V+10 % / -15 %
AC nominal current (I AC )875 A
Grid frequency (f AC )50 Hz±10 %, Option: 60 Hz
Grid structureIT
Surge protectionYes
Harmonic distortion (%THD I AC )< 3 %
Power factor (cos φ)–0.9 … +0.90.9 capacitive … 0.9 inductive
Note: P-Q capability curve available on request
Max. efficiency98.2 %
Euro eta97.8 %
Auxiliary power supply
(either external or generated internally)
3x400 VAC
50 Hz
+10 % / -15 %; TN-S; surge protection type 2
Option: 60 Hz
Max. auxiliary power
5W/1400WAt standby / At full power
Note: Depending on the type of the string boxes used, they may have additional consumption.
Photovoltaic Data
Nominal PV power (P PV )508 kW
Control strategyMPPTMaximum Power Point Tracking
Number of PV inputs

3All PV inputs have one common MPP tracker

Max. DC current on each PV input380 A
DC voltage range for MPPT550 … 1100 VDC
Max. permissible PV voltage
(U PVmax )
1200 V DC
Maximum PV voltage for operation start1200 V DC
Voltage ripple U PP (PV input)< 3 %
Surge protection (PV input)Type 2 Monitored
Grounding (PV input)FloatingOption: connection to PV(-) or PV(+) input
User Interface
External emergency stop
24 V DC (±10 %)
20 mA, active high
Connect to dry contact:
Open -> E-stop active, closed -> E-stop inactive
Emergency stop
Dry contact:
Open -> E-stop active, closed -> E-stop inactive
Transformer ready
24 V DC (±10 %),
20 mA, active high
Connect to dry contact:
Open -> not ready, closed -> ready
Transformer stand by
24 V, max. 1 ADry contact:
Open -> stand by, closed -> operation
Inverter start / stop
24 V DC (±10 %),
20 mA, active high
Connect to dry contact:
Open -> stop, closed -> start
Communication interfaceEIA-485, EthernetOthers see under options
Data logger interfaceElectroinvent Web PortalOthers see under options
Power limitation control / BDEW directives: Grid monitoring (VDE-AR-N 4105) or Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT), Fault Ride Through (FRT) / Potential Equalization Device (PED) – connecting PV(-) or PV(+) input to ground (earth fault monitoring and earth current measurement) / AC operating voltage UAC = 300 )
Communication: SCADA (Modbus RTU (EIA-485) and Modus TCP/IP), GSM or Ethernet
Data logger: SolarLog, Meteocontrol, others on request
Cabinet and Ambient Conditions
Dimensions (W x D x H)1340 x 900 x 1920mm
Weight (m) approx.1350 kg
Ambient temperature range (T amb )–20 ... +45 °C
Humidity15 ... 95 %Non condensing
Enclosure type according to EN 60529IP54
Maximum elevation above sea level2000 m
CoolingLiquid cooledWith external heat exchanger
Coolant concentration–25 °Cwater 55 %, ethylene-glycol 45 %
Static pressure of coolant (p)2 bar (±0.5 bar)Above ambient pressure, at 20 °C
Heat Exchanger
Dimensions (W x D x H)500 x 700 x 835mm
Weight (m)51 kg
Air inlet temperature range (T hex )–20 ... +45 °C
Hose size (d)25 mm / 37 mm Inside diameter / Outside diameter
Hose length (l)10 mInverter to heat exchanger
Max. elevation above inverter level (h)9 mHeat exchanger top level – inverter bottom level
CE conformity / EMCYesEN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4
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