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The series AС servo drives ELAS is intended to drive АС servo motors. They are completed with brushless synchronous electrical motors with permanent magnets in the range from 0,55 kW to 11,0 kW and are intended to control high precision machine tools, robots and complete positioning systems.

It is designed for the following voltage supplies and motors power:

  • 200 – 230V 1 ~ 50/60Hz – motor power 3,0 kW to 5,5 kW
Techical Info
Parameter:  DC2:  
Motor power3.0kW            4.0kW           5.5kW
Supply voltage and frequency
200 ÷ 230V 3~ 50/60Hz
Rated output voltage200 ÷ 230V 3~ 0 ÷ 200Hz (corresponds to the input voltage)
Nominal output current15A              20A              25A
Maximum output current50A              20A              75A
Motor control methodsSVPWN (Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation);
Brake resistor
Degree of protection
IP 20
Cooling system
Fan cooling
Speed control mode
Analog input multifunctionalVoltage range
0 ÷ ±10 V DC
Input resistance
Speed control range
1 ÷ 5000
Torque limit operationSet by parameters or via analog input
Command sourceExternal (analog signal) / Internal (parameters)
Speed accuracy (at rated rotation speed)0,01% or less at load fluctuation 0-100%
0,01% or less at power fluctuation ±10%
0,01% or less at ambient temperature fluctuation 0 - 50 °C
Position control mode
Max input pulse frequencyMax 500Kpps (Line driver) / Max 200Kpps (Open collector)
Pulse typePulse + Direction;
(Aphase + Bphase; CCW Pulse + CW Pulse - optional)
Command sourceExternal (pulse train) / Internal (parameters)
Electronic gearElectronic gear A/B multiple
(-199.00 < A/B < 199.00)
Torque limit operationSet by parameters or via analog input
Torque control mode

Analog input multifunctional
Voltage range
0 ÷ ±10 V DC
Input resistance
Time constant
Speed limit operationSet by parameters or via analog input
Command sourceExternal (analog signal) / Internal (parameters)
Input - output interface and protection
Digital inputs5 multifunctional programmable. Optoisolated. NPN
Digital outputs3 transistor „Open collector“ multifunctional programmable,
3 differential encoder signal output A/B/Z - Line driver
Communication interface
RS 232 / RS 485

Under voltage
Servo Overheat
Regeneration error
Encoder error
IPM fault
Communication error and other
Working and storage environment
Operating temperature0 °C до 50 °C (If operation temperature is above specified range, forced cooling will be required)
Storage temperature-20 °C ÷ +65 °C
Humidity80% at 30 °C (non-condensing)
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