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Water Level Control Module
Type “WLC”

The “WLC” module is designed for conductive liquids (water) level control in pump systems. An example diagram of a typical water level pump control system in well installation is shown on Fig. 1.

1 – Submersible motor
2 – Pump
3 – Common probe (electrode)
4 – Low level probe (electrode)
5 – High level probe (electrode)
6 – Submersible pipe column
7 – Base plate
8 – Solar power drive system with “WLC” module
9 – Pump motor power supply cable
10 – High level
11 – Low level

H – Positive suction head

The working principle of the “WLC” module is based on the resistance between the “HIGH” to “COMMON” and “LOW” to “COMMON” electrodes. The distance between the “HIGH” and “LOW” probes, forms the level hysteresis. The distance between the “LOW” and “COMMON” electrodes, forms the dry run protection level.

Recommended sensors (electrodes) are “Lovato” 11SN13 – Kit of 3 level electrodes, or similar types.


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